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Bespoke Knives

Crafting Uniqueness: The Artistry of Bespoke Knives

Delve into the world of extraordinary craftsmanship where each blade tells a story, reflecting the heart and soul poured into its creation. The realm of bespoke knives encompasses more than just a tool; it’s about the materials chosen, the intricate…

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leather jackets

Should guys wear leather jackets?

Leather is a very popular material used in clothing for men and women alike, but there seems to be a stigma surrounding wearing it for men. Some believe that if a man wears any leather, they must only care about…

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Beard care 101: How to maintain your beard

Growing and maintaining a beard are two different things. Growing beards is something many people can do and be proud of. But it takes proper care and consistency to keep your beards manageable, healthy, and good-looking. Maintaining beards involves using…

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pocket knives

What are the most collectible pocket knives?

You need a knife for one apparent reason: to have it on hand when you need to cut anything. Nonetheless, this might encompass a wide range of obligations, from mundane to arduous. A knife is used to open packages, slice…

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For or against men’s underwear in summer?

Besides the age-old question of whether a man should wear underwear or not, especially in summer, the answer depends on each person. The first thought is generally in the direction of the search for maximum comfort. A specific sign, among…

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Men’s boots: the essential fashion accessory

Many people immediately associate the term “men’s boots” withe questrian sports or western dance. With the cowboy boot and the riding boot, we can indeed identify two well-known representatives of this traditional shoe model, but the versatile repertoire of boots…

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The fashion of the 60s : what are the must-have fashion pieces?

With the appearance of side burns, colorful disguises, disco outfits and mini-skirts, the trend of the 60s marked fashion in a considerable and very revolutionary way. By going back in time, fashion designers were able to discover 5 essential pieces…

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The Hipster style : what does it consist of?

There are many clothing styles that have emerged and succeeded one another through time. You’ve probably heard the term hipster once in your life. It is a phenomenon that has spread quickly through time. The hipster look is being brought…

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Dandy chic style essentials

The dandy chic style is very popular with men for its classy and refined look. Taking its inspiration from the youth of the 60s, this style ismaking a come back and continues to conquer more and more gentlemen and young…

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What do the terms “Business-Wear” and “Smart-Casual” mean?

Until a few years ago, there were still many unwritten laws concerning correct clothing in the work place. Men’s office style was almost every where dominated by business suits and ties. Today, however, the business world is more relaxed. About…

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