For or against men’s underwear in summer?

Besides the age-old question of whether a man should wear underwear or not, especially in summer, the answer depends on each person. The first thought is generally in the direction of the search for maximum comfort. A specific sign, among other brands of models for men, helps to answer this question, and also presents the ultimate guide to underwear.

Criteria of choice for an underwear

To easily answer the question “Is ituseful to wear men’s underwear in summer”, just think about the primary role of underwear. Just like women’s underwear, a boxer shorts or briefs serve primarily as a soft intermediate layer under neath the rather “hard” fabric of the outer garments. It thus protects from friction which gives unpleasant sensations. In addition, with the heat of summer, some models are made with microfiber fabrics that protect you against allergies and the risk of contact eczema, as a result of excessive perspiration for example. In addition to style and color, the material of the productis also a decisive criterion in deciding whether or not to wear underwear in the summer.

Hygiene is also a factor in deciding whether or not to wear underwear in the summer. Depending on your body type and clothing habits, you may be easily susceptible to unpleasant odors caused by perspiration. The best thing to do is to avoid wearing closed shoes, and therefore socks that may make you uncomfortable in public. However, some brands do provide effective moisture absorption. Make sure you have such a product, if you have to go to an appointment where it is unavoidable.

The benefits of wearing underwear in the summer

In the summer, a man or woman can afford to have personal fantasies when it comes to underwear. Each brand now competes in originality, to offer a product that can meet all expectations. The practicality of underwear in summer is that you can wear it as a complete outfit, without anything on it. Of course, this fantasy must respect the framework of decency and privacy, and the different brands take care to comply with it for each line of briefs or boxers they offer.

Moreover, to show you under a sexy aspect, you can highlight your under wear by adopting for example a low waist pants, to let a part of your boxers protrude. For maximum effect, choose white as a color. However, as it is summer, you may be prone to easy perspiration. You may need to build up a stock to change your under wear as often as possible. This way, you will be able to spread out more on the colors, in plain or printed according to your taste.

In another context more focused on comfort, boxer shorts and other styles of underwear are offered in different colors and sizes to meet your personal needs. You will find some that will keep you comfortable, whether you are a small size or you want it in xxl.

Finally, another advantage of wearing underwear in the summer is that it keeps you dry and comfortable, even when the temperature changes. After a trip under the sun and during which you perspire, a good underwear can absorb humidity and prevent you from getting cold when you enter an air-conditioned room. This way, you’ll always be dressed in presentable clothes, for a meeting or an important appointment, for example.

When the underside becomes a constraint

When summeris in full swing, any man might wish to feel free in his movements. However, sinceitis not possible to walk around naked, except in the privacy of one’s own home, it is necessary to wear briefs at least, so as not to risk being fined for indecent exposure. Except if you are in a naturist camp, you will have to continue to cover yourself at least. In this case, opt for the comfort of cotton, which will allow you to forget the other inconveniences that could be caused by perspiration under the effect of heat.

On the other hand, you must make sure you have enough models to be able to change them often. You will have to dedicate a specific budget to this. Fortunately, you can opt for a pack that already includes a set of boxers or socks, in the size you want and in the colors of your choice. Some brands also make your life easier by offering home delivery of your purchase.

Guide of available models

To help you choose the right underwear, here’s an “underwear guide” that might be useful to you

  1. Opt for a soft and breathable material such as cotton (with or without elastane), or the luxurious Micro Modalderived from beechwood. The fabrichugs your skin and should not be rough or scratchy. Breathable microfiber or strecth absorbs moisture well and reticulates it, keeping the outside dry.
  2. Choose men’s briefs in light weight fabrics such as stretch, which have a maximum weight of less than 150 g/m². Whatever the size, the wearer will hardly feel it. Avoid so-called “functional” fibers, which are designed to wick moisture directly from the body. They are suitable and intended for sports use and will wick all moisture directly onto the outer garments. Sweat stains and colds from “wet” clothing would be unavoidable.
  3. The cut should be curved and close to the body so that no unsightly wrinkles form under the garment. As with a thong, the minimum of detail should appear from the outside.
  4. The under shirt should be long enough (if possible with a tail coat cut – longer in the back) so that it stays in the pants, even without a belt.
  5. In order to stay true to your own style, choose a line proposed by a particular brand. But you can also decide to vary your lingerie by choosing a model from one batch at a time, according to your desires and needs.
  6. An under shirt without arms must fit the seams of the top of the shirt. The neckline of the sleeves should be as close as possible to the top seam of the shirt, especially if you wear very thin, light or translucent shirts – so that no narrow stripes show through.
  7. If the underwear has a short arm to absorb perspiration under the arm pits, it should not be too long. The underwear can be worn under short sleeve shirts or polo shirts.
  8. If you wish to wear the outer wear without a tie or knot, with one or two open shirt or polo buttons, you must ensure that the neck line is properly shaped. The under shirt should never protrude. Therefore, if the collaris open, a V-neck is preferable. If there are several open shirt buttons, deep and wide V-necks are particularly suitable – the so-called deep V-neck variants. A high, round neck line is only suitable if the shirt is always closed.
  9. Overall, the underwear should have as little contrast in color as possible so that it is not visible under thin, translucent shirts. Special flesh-colored undergarments are available from one brand to another.
  10. Only under opaque shirts you can also wear under shirts with straps – here again, pay attention to a neck line that is deep and wide enough so that the undershirt does not come out if a button is opened.
  11. Under darkshirts, black underwear is also very attractive – also with a normal or extra deep V-neck, as required. But you can also opt for other, less dark colors, in plain or printed mode.
  12. Finally, men should make sure that the underwear is comfortable and comfortable. In any case, don’t forget to choose soft materials such as cotton, when making the purchase.

If you observe these points, you will be well advised throughout the year and of course, nothing will stand in the way of an elegant and neat appearance with underwear in summer!

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