Beard care 101: How to maintain your beard


Growing and maintaining a beard are two different things. Growing beards is something many people can do and be proud of. But it takes proper care and consistency to keep your beards manageable, healthy, and good-looking. Maintaining beards involves using a lot of natural and synthetic products from different brands like lames & tradition.

The journey of growing facial hair does not end once you have achieved your desired style or length. You should learn how to keep your facial hair healthy and fresh all the time. Once you have mastered facial hair styling, you need to understand beards maintenance to keep it stylish and smart. Below is everything you need to understand beards maintenance.

Tips for beards maintenance and care

1. Trimming
Remember, your facial hair is always growing. Therefore, trimming or pruning is vital to have a well-groomed beards. Trimming is essential regardless of whether you want to grow it out or not to encourage beard growth.

Invest in high-quality trimmers and learn new and best techniques to trim your facial hair once they reach your desired length and style.

2. Wash it regularly
Washing is among the most important activities, especially in the early stages of growing beards, since skin cells and trapped food can result in itchiness. Many experts believe washing several times a week is an important step to care for and maintain your facial hair.

Use specialised cleansers to wash and scrub facial hair at least twice a week. After cleaning, pat it dry using a clean and dry cloth or towel.

3. Keep it conditioned and hydrated.
To maintain your beards to always be shiny and soft, use facial hair products like oil to condition it regularly. Beard oil will help moisturise your underneath skin to control flakes, maintain follicle health, and prevent itchiness.

Remember, your facial hair will remain healthy only if the health of the skin underneath it is healthy.

When to trim your beards

Take up your trimmer or a pair of scissors every few weeks and have a close look at your facial hair in the mirror. Are there long spots, uneven patches, or split ends? If yes, makes things right and remove all the damaged hair.

Ensure you are following the natural shape or contour of your face during trimming. A rounded shape is recommended for the best look, with all facial hair at a uniform length. In terms of trimming, less is more!

A slight facial hair trim is a smart idea even when you are growing them out. Therefore, you have full control of your facial hair growth and prevent uneven and curly hair. It is not good to have out-of-control beards regardless of whether or not you are growing them out.

Keeping your beards soft

Soft beards prevents itchiness. “You are what you eat.” This phrase applies to your beards too. If you do not feed your facial hair anything, it will turn into a hard and brittle skeleton. Hard facial hair will result in scratching every time it is touched by anything hence itching. Products like beard soaps and oil, nourishing balms, and conditioning creams are essential to soft beards.

In a nutshell, it is essential to eat a balanced diet and be healthy to encourage beard growth. Therefore, use the above tips to care for and maintain your facial hair, from rebellious whiskers to having stellar beards.

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