The fashion of the 60s : what are the must-have fashion pieces?

With the appearance of side burns, colorful disguises, disco outfits and mini-skirts, the trend of the 60s marked fashion in a considerable and very revolutionary way. By going back in time, fashion designers were able to discover 5 essential pieces that found their homes in women’s and men’s wardrobes.

The mini-skirt, the essential piece of the sixties

Even though several decades have passed, mini skirts continue to fascinate pretty ladies. They landed on European soil in 1964. Long before that, long skirts filled the wardrobes of the vast majority of women when Mary Quant, the famous London designer, dared to defy this taboo by introducing the mini-skirt. Very quickly appreciated by the feminine gentleman, the minis became an emblem of the fashion of the Sixties. If this type of get-up was still frowned upon at the time, ladies saw in this new get-up a way to rebel and assert themselves. Moreover four years after its appearance, the great collector André Courrèges presents a line of mini skirts which did not leave the French of marble. At the time, young ladies wore them with a pretty white or colored t-shirt. Others, however, had fun wearing them with boots or very pretty cardigans. To this day, the mini skirt still occupies an important place in the fashion world and women are taking it on board.

The print and the tuxedo, the great fashion icons of the sixties

While the fashion of the sixties was rather discreet and sober, fashion designers started to adorn them with prints. Even after passing through time, Vichy, which are considered to be the flag ship prints of the sixties, continue to fascinate today’s fashionistas. Initially, the Vichy style wasonly found on skirts, more precisely tightened at the waist with a leather belt. From now on, shirts, blouses, pants and dresses are impregnated with this material to stand out from the crowd. Its vintage feel attracts consumers. Apart from the pretty prints, the women’s tuxedo was also a fashion emblem of the sixties. Appearing for the first time in 1966, the women’s tuxedo was imagined and invented for the first time by Yves Saint-Laurent. A rather daring and even cheeky fashion that some what upset the dress code of the time. Considered far too daring, this invention was initially marked by the sulky reactions of customers. But people eventually got used to it and becameimbuedwiththis attire thatwas once reserved for men. Moreover, womennow have the luxury of wearing them with pretty pumps.

Disguises, an unavoidable symbol of the sixties

During the 60’s the ladies really liked disguises. So they had the choice between betting on the naive look. It is a more or less discreet style with sober or coquettish color accoutrements. Others on the other hand want to add a more funky and casual touch to their outfits. That’s why these stylish women have opted for brightly colored dresses with a straight cut that they have adorned with cardigans, not to mention short-winged hats. For more originality, the ladies of the time added jewels, necklaces or earrings with white pearls. As mini skirts were already very popular at the time, many women wore them with knee-length boots or high heels. It was a very revealing, but at the same time unusual disguise for women. For those who want to highlight the hippie disguises of the 60’s, colorfulness and extravagance will be your best allies. The goal is to wear pants or elephant leg jeans that people combine with a blouse with a floral pattern or bright colors such as yellow, orange, fuchsia, Lila, green or blue. Also, psychedelic floral dresses were perfect to wear with boots for a successful hippie disguise. What about men? For the men the men disguises of the Sixties wererather made in the peace. Usually, slightly flared jeans topped with a brown vest and a steamy shirt made thousands of fans. But thosewhowanted to invite extravagance intotheiroutfitstook the liberty of wearing a hippie disguise to their parties by combining a patterned shirt with monochromatic pants that they used to adorn with platform boots. At the time, this charming shirt was worn under the pants.

Rock and Roll : the art of seduction

The 60s were marked by an explosion of the rock roll look. To adoptit, men were growing their hair like Kurt Cobain or getting a banana cut like Elvis Presley. In terms of clothing, black jackets were the perfect match for men and women with their hair in the wind. This style of clothing took off in the early 60s and gave rise to very different looks. First, there was the American rock look which stands out from the others by its simplicity. All you had to do was wear a t-shirt or plaid shirt with jeans and boots to warm your feet. In terms of accessories, both men and women were more cow-boy and cow-girl oriented, wearing a beltwith a big buckle. There was also the rock n’ Roll look British version which implied wearing a white, grey, navy blue, black or brown shirt topped with a suit. Finally, there is the biker rock n’ Roll look that continues to be the star even today. To adopt it, wearing a leather jacket is inevitable. Afterwards people were dressed in leather from head to toe just to tell you that the rock n’ Roll style is plural and multiple even in our time. The people of the time didn’t want to fall into a simple caricature and adopted several looks.

Accessories symbolizing the sixties

The 60s weree specially marked by a boom in accessories. At the time, retro-style eyewear, hats, scarves and colorful ribbons were all the rage. Others, however, preferred to adorn their disguises with beads, large necklaces, huge earrings and bracelets that symbolized peace and love. In fact, by browsing the Internet, itis possible to buy them while enjoying free delivery. There was also the bandana and head bands that covered the vast majority of fashionistas’ hair. In those days, pretty ladies also loved Jackie Kennedy scarves. Among other things, theyliked to tie these accessories on their scalps or wear head wear with a nicebow. Others preferred this kind of accessory on their handbags. Finally, XXL style sunglassess hould not be left out. Both men and women loved to wear these oversized glasses to complement their outfits and give them a more different and attractive look. For women who like to show off their slender silhouettes, big belts tied around the waist are also a good idea, as well as wearing cute boots. People of the time liked to play the extravagance card.

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