Dandy chic style essentials

The dandy chic style is very popular with men for its classy and refined look. Taking its inspiration from the youth of the 60s, this style ismaking a come back and continues to conquer more and more gentlemen and young people. It has become a real lifestyle, it evokes a well-dressed person, an old school outfit but with all its charm. In addition to the state of mind that the person must have, the dandy style requires a particular dress. This one appreciates the small details as well as the perfectly coordinated seams and colors. You are considering adopting the same style, but don't know how to do it? Here are the essentials of the Dandy Chic style and the few tips you may need to ensure your transformation.

The straps and bow tie

The dandy look requires above all the wearing of straps. Although they are invisible under a jacket, these accessories give the illusion of a flat stomach. They ensure a well centered shirt and pants. Moreover, these last ones, contrary to the belt, give you an invaluable comfort. They will not tighten you at the waist and therefore will not put you in an uncomfortable position. In the hot season, if wearing a jacket is not essential, the straps give a particularly a typical look. All you have to do is find the shirt that goes with the look for the perfect Parisian dandy. In leather, cotton or elastic fabric, the straps are an essential element if you want to adopt the dandy look. They are also available in several colors. Some brands even offer patterned models. The goal is to help you adopt the style that inspires you while adding your personal touch. In addition to the straps, the bow tie finds its place in this very authentic look. It should be noted, however, that it is only recommended for rare occasions. You won't need to wear it everyday. This accessory should be kept for important festivities and receptions. For everyday use, prefer a slim tie. Concerning the material of your bow tie, wool, cotton and linen are to be preferred. They guarantee a more sober rendering.

Fitted suits and slim shirt

The dandy style, the real one, requires the wearing of suits fully adjusted to your size. Custom-made models are also recommended. Whether your favorite material is wool, velvet or flannel, yoursuits must cutyou to perfection. Moreover, buying suits online is not recommended. If you wish to adopt such a style, a test in cabinis de rigueur. Ask someone close to you to accompany you so that they can give an objective opinion on the model you have chosen. Always in this spirit of perfection, the shirts you will wear must also be in your size. They should be neither too big nor too small. Depending on the occasion, the suit vest will allow you to remain elegant even when you need to take off your jacket. This is especially the case if you need to dance or move your hands more freely. Concerning the choice of colors, the most important thing is to mix textures and patterns of your clothes without rushing into ridicule. You can choose a gray suit and a pink slim-fit shirt or the opposite. Moreover, brightly colored suits ensure a more attractive dandyism effect.

Dandy style shoes

Since the dandy style is elegant in all circumstances, your shoes must be chosen with care. It's not a question of buying luxury models, but rather of choosing the right model to give originality to your look. In summer, nothing beats moccasins. Their lightness provides invaluable comfort while adding a unique touch to your style. Chelsea boots are perfect for special occasions. They allow you to be both classy and casual at the same time. For derby lovers, know that the dandy style doesn't require any particular model. The most important thing is to make sure that your look stays in perfect harmony. If you don't know which pair of shoes best suits your style, don't hesitate to ask a professional for advice. Shopping in a specialized store will allow you to optimize your choice. The sales men will also be able to advise you on the shirt Chinese pants adapted to the shoes of your choice or the boxer man dandy which will make it possible to emphasize your size.

Accessories such as glasses, watch and cane

In addition to men's clothing, the dandy style requires certain essential accessories. In particular, you will need to wear a watch and not just any watch! This one has to match your whole look. The materials and the color of your watch must be in perfect harmony with those of your suit. For example, if your shoe is made of brown leather, the strap and the dial of your small accessory must also be made of leather in the same color. You may think this is an insignificant detail, but it can make a big difference once you look in the mirror. You'll also need to buy some old school glasses. You don't have to pay full price for them. The goal is to impose a style that relies mainly on small details. If you don't know which model to choose, don't hesitate to do some research on the Internet. You will be able to find the type of glasses to wear for such a style. Also remember to ask someone else's opinion before making the purchase. Make sure that they are suitable for you and that you will wear them without any shame. In addition to these accessories, a cane is a must. It is available in several models. To find the one that best suits your needs, make your purchase at a store that specializes in disguise or in the construction of this type of item. It willbe able to inform you on the meaning of the details which the cane comprises and will be able to advise you on the model the most adapted to your character. Also think about buying a new handbag. A back pack is certainly not the right model for you. In particular, leather bags are a great choice.

The dandy haircut

There's no point in wearing expensive shoes and suits if your hair is not cared for. To get a proper dandy style, you'll definitely need to go to the hairdresser. Rebellious locks are not welcome. They must be studied to the millimeter and bring out the man or woman in you. Do not hesitate to ask a professional. Only he or she can find the cut that will bring out your assets and ensure that it cuts you beautifully. You will also need to go to the barber. A cut and a well trimmed beard can transform your face and there fore your entire style. If possible, go to a barber/hairdresser. This will save you more time and ensure that your cutis in perfect harmony with your moustache or beard.
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