Caipirinha : a delicious Brazilian cocktail

Preparation: 2 minutes Cooking time : Other time factors : utensils needed: icecrusher, pestle, straws Of course, a good cachaça is important, like the "Pitú" or the "NêgaFulô" usedhere.

Tips not to beneglected

As far as sugar is concerned, brown should be avoided, it does not dissolve as well. At the time, we were happy to develop a European version. "Rose's Lime Juice", a syrup of sugar and lime juice. If you have some at home, tryit - then, of course, add more sugar, but less, to the caipiris. The wooden pestleused in the photos is an original from Rio, but of course, any bar pestle works, as long as you squeeze the lime juice well. Crushed ice is used because the ice has to melt slowly during consumption, but with whole ice cubes it does not work properly. If you don't have an ice crusher handy, loosely wrap the ice cubes in a kitchen towel and break them up with a meat tenderizer or something else (but don't exaggerate, they should be about 0.5 to 1 cm long, free of fine icedust). If you replace cachaça with vodka, the whole thing is called caipirovska, with tequilla it becomes tex-mex caipi, but some people get headaches because of it. It is better to stick to the original. The quantities are for 4 glasses, the cocktail glasses used here have a volume of 250 ml.

The preparation

Wash the limes, then remove the ends (especially the base of the stem). Cut the limes in half length wise and remove the white thread in the middle if necessary (bitter taste). Cut the halves into cubes of about 1 ½ cm and distribute them evenly over the glasses. Add 1 to 2 table spoons of sugar per glass, then crush the lime cubes with a wooden mallet. The squeezed juice dissolves the sugar Fill the glasses at ¾ with crushed ice and, depending on the desired strength, 6 to 8 cl of cachaça on ice. Mix well with a table spoon, sothat the lime pieces are distributed in the ice and especially so that the sugar is completely dissolved. Fill with crushed ice, push in a straw and serve immediately.
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