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What foods to boost your libido?

Everyone has their own way of spicing up their sex life. A romantic dinner, a little languorous dance and more, but is it enough ? Some people use sex toys sold in stores to try to boost their libido, yet…

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10 romantic ways to say “I love you”

When we are in a couple, looking for different ways to express our feelings is always a way to renew the energies that unite the couple and keep the relationship interesting and alive as it was at the beginning. One…

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Tips for a first appointment abroad : depending on the country

Who makes the first move?Who pays for the food? And when do you go to bed with your companion? Meetings abroad must respect certain rules. At the time of Tinder, Speed Datings and Co., we don’t make it easy to…

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10 tips for practicing virtual sex

Although it has become better known in recent years, virtual sex is still considered taboo by many people. Many women still don’t know how netsexworks and whether it can be done in a pleasant and respectful way. What is virtual…

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Relationships on social networks, avoid virtual flirting

Since the days when Orkut was widely used, there has been a lot of talk about the effects of social networks on dating. The “dangers” of the use of networks by compromised people can range from possible jealous out bursts…

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