10 romantic ways to say “I love you”

When we are in a couple, looking for different ways to express our feelings is always a way to renew the energies that unite the couple and keep the relationship interesting and alive as it was at the beginning. One of the tradition always of expressing love is to verbalize the phrase "I love you" and although this is the mostused option, there are alternatives for those who want to go out of the ordinary and try to express themselves in an innovative way. The question arises : where can we find these other ideas ? In films, for example, especially in romantic comedies. Books containing love stories can also serve as inspiration. Here you check off a few options. Hereis a compilation of 10 suggestions on how to show your love for your partner, husband, boyfriend, fiancé... And play "Words in the Wind" by Cassia Eller on Groove shark to get you in the mood while you read.

Words everywhere in the house

If you live together, leave a note, a quote, or simply a romantic wish in the fridge or on the television so that he can see when he arrives;

Surprise package

Sendhim a package containing photos of youfrom the beginning of the relationship, with sentences behind the photos talking about special moments in your relationship.

Surprise purchases

Buy a packet of shopping papers (those little colorful papers) and write on each one something you like about your partner, then put it in a box and leave it hidden in his drawer or ward robe to surprise him.

Social networks for videos

Record a video in which you remember the reasons why you met and send it via mobile or social networks. You can talk about your feelings, re-declare your love, and say anything you feel like. It's a public statementsotry not to miss it toomuch, or make it too heavy.

Don't be afraid to show it

If you want to show your love in public, one idea is to make a bill board saying that you love him or her, but remember that not everyone likes this kind of display. What's important is that you can show him or her that you are not afraid to show the depths of your love for your partner.

Spend time with your partner

Dedicate yourself to an activity with your partner that he likes a lot, he will surely feel loved. Know that it's a real pleasure to do what you love with someone you're in love with. Dance, for example. And remember that these attentions can only be beneficial for your relationship, reinforcing the love that governs your relationship.

Become his personal artist

Create something personalized that means something to both of you, like a frame with statements and photos of you or a montage with images from a special weekend; Create an album (akind of diary with collages) that tells your story, how you met, with photos, movie tickets, travel tickets you made together or to see each other, and objects that remind you of the good times. It is a beautiful declaration of love that will serve as a romantic testimony of the couple's life.

Use words, a unique weapon to touch the heart

Use the Flipagram smartphone application to make a video with several photos of you, from the beginning of the relationship to today, and put on an important song that you can play during this period. Post it on social networks to declare your love for him.

Text messages seem more personal

Send an SMS or instant message to your loved one to say hello or good night. It may sound silly, but it helps keep affection and attention between you. Nothing is more touching than an early morning text message from your partner to keep the flame of love burning. In addition, there are many quotes available to wish you a good day or night. Try to make good use of words and texts to keep her heart beating from the moment she wakes up until night fall. In addition to these forms, you can also vary by using other expressions to express your love. Get inspired by the different ways of saying "I love you":

More inspirations : Beautiful love phrases

The next step is to declare all your love, whether it is through pictures, sentences or small statements and surprises. Don't wait until tomorrow. Every day is a day to show how much we love our love dones. But if you're not usually romantic and have trouble declaring your love, don't worry, start little by little, with little attitudes, like waking up with a "you're the man of my life" and a great kiss. In time, you will find that these daily romances will become more natural. And, on the other hand, if your partner is not romantic at all and you miss it, two things you can do to change it are: tell him that it's important to you (but without demanding it out right, respecting each other's limits) and be romantic - romance is contagious. Play on statements and be happy!
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