10 tips for practicing virtual sex

Although it has become better known in recent years, virtual sex is still considered taboo by many people. Many women still don't know how netsexworks and whether it can be done in a pleasant and respectful way.

What is virtual sex?

First of all, itis important to know the exact definition of this netsex. It consists of having relations, via the computer screen or smartphone, with Internet users on the otherside. Usually through a video call between the couple.

Advantages and disadvantages of virtualsex

Netsex generates many doubts for many women, especially regarding the advantages and disadvantages.


This sexual practice creates self-knowledge. It helps you to better know your intimate part, since you will touch and discover yourself erotically. This sexual practice at a distance allows you to have self-esteem. By touching your intimate part and showing it on the screen, you will feel more powerful and desired. This netsex frees certain beliefs. It helps to release certain beliefs and fears, allowing you to free yourself in a certain way. This remote sexual practice increases the desire between couples because it allows them to make their fantasies come true. Netsex can be used to spice up sexuality even more, especially if the couple is physically absent. It reduces distances. It is ideal for couples who have long-distance relationships and live far away.


Conver sex does not allow you to be 100 years old and safe and intimate, so you are more likely to be exposed than traditional sexuality. Also, it increases the demand. By having virtual erotic sex, you can increase the level of demand for the H-hour, since you have created expectations of each other. On the other hand, it can become an obsession. It is common to hear reports from people who have become cyber addicted to eroticism because it is more accessible. Although very intimate, this practice does not offer the contact that traditional relationships do. Likewise, just as it can release certain blocks, it can trigger them. Very shy people who are not ready for it can feel even worse. It is therefore important to seek self-knowledge. Nowyou know the main advantages and disadvantages of virtualsex. But it is important to know how your relationship is going and if you are ready to do it. After all, sexis all about intimacy and surrender.

10 tips to practice netsex

To makethis practice enjoyable for both parties, itis important to follow a few tips ranging from consent to how to speak during the action. These are tips to make the couple more comfortable at the H-hour. It is important to respect the will of the other. Consent is essential for things to work. Don't feel obligated, don't feel compelled to do what you don't want to do. Know your intimate part. Knowing your intimate part is a very important tip for getting pleasure out of your relationship. Choose a pleasant and fresh environment for the occasion, intimate. Even if it is virtual, the climate is essential. Put this seductive and capricious lingerie in production. Communication is essential. Say what you want, what you don't want, communication is essential to make you both comfortable. Use the words in your favor. Start the action with spicy and exciting words, reveal your intentions in a sensual way. Feel safe. If you're going to have virtual sex, do it with someone you trust and on safe platforms. Use your imagination, free yourself, express yourself, move your intimate part. Explore your intimate part to seduce. Let yourself live in the moment, make yourself feel as if you were physically close to the other person. With these little dikes, the virtual relationship become seven more intimate and tasty. The most important thing is to know, to listen and to communicate, always respecting the time and space of each one. The virtual sex must be, above all, a magic moment.

The necessary care

Although it has grown in popularity, it is important to becareful to avoid headaches and disappointment. After all, it's your private part that's on display, isn'tit? Trust is essential, only have this relationship with those you trust. This decreases your chances of being disappointed. If you prefer, don't show up. If you decide to have netsex with someone you've only known for a short time, avoid showing up for safety. Make sure they're alone, ask the person on the other side of the screen, show them the whole environment to make sure they're alone. Avoid sending photographs to the other person, as the photo may remain stored and fall into other hands. Set limits with the person on the otherside, it is important to avoid things going wrong. In short, being cautious means that you're warning each other and making room for a more enjoyable and safe relationship. That's why it's important to take all these precautions to make you feel safe and comfortable.

Legal measures, in case of problems

Although it is better known, net sex still raises doubts about the protection of the law. Anyone who possesses photographs, videos and audio without consent is protected by Brazilian law. The Federal Constitution not only guarantees respect for privacy, intimacy and image, but also more specific legislation, such as the Internet Civil Landmark, the Penal Code and, more recently, the General Data Protection Law and the Carolina Dieckmann Law. When the victim discovers the leak of intimate information, he or she must record the unduly shared content, with photographs, videos and even the URL of the web page if the content has been disclosed on the Internet. A police station, if possible specializing in cybercrime, should then be sent to record the event. Finally, the removal of the offensive content must be requested from the Internet Service Provider who, according to the Civil Landmark, in case of disclosure of material containing nudity or eroticacts of a private nature, waives the court decision. The legalmeasures range from the request to remove the content to the possibility of civil and criminal action, depending on the responsibility of each case. In the civil action, the victim can obtainfinancial compensation, already in the criminal action, depending on the crime, the defendant can be arrested. It is up to the victim and the lawyer to decide together on the wayforward. In 2012, the then president sanctioned the Brazilian law 12.737/2012, known as the Carolina Dieckmann Law. The law defines crimes or cyber-crimes, such as the invasion of telephone sets to obtain private information. This law received this nickname because it was born after the illegal and unauthorized disclosure of intimate photographs of the actress. At the time, the hacker threatened to release Carolina's photographs if she did not pay the amount he demanded. Thus, the law protects victims of cyber-crimes ranging from hacking a cell phone or computer to forging cards over the Internet. Now that you have all the important information about practicing virtualsex, from the benefits to the safety, it's up to you to decide to start it, if you feel ready to do so.
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