Relationships on social networks, avoid virtual flirting

Since the days when Orkut was widely used, there has been a lot of talk about the effects of social networks on dating. The "dangers" of the use of networks by compromised people can range from possible jealous out bursts to more serious situations, such as virtual betrayal. To prevent your behaviour on the net from compromising your relationship, it is necessary to be cautious and change your attitude from celibacy to commitment. Here are some suggestions to avoid problems with dating, engagement or marriage due to social networking. To avoid the negative consequences brought by the social network then you should register with a dating agency like meetic, so you can flirt safely. Visit the meetic website to find out which man and woman are compatible with your profile.  Because of the confinement, you were forced to stay at home which decreases your chance of falling in love. It can be a virtual meeting but meetic is safer. A couple that forms on the social network tends to break up easily, the foundation of their love and history is not solid. In France, almost the divorce of some couples is caused by the bad manipulation of instagram or facebook or others. But between facebook and instagram, instagram is much safer. The first piece of advice is that you must be very clear with your partner about your virtual friendships. You don't have to give him a report on every friend, but insist that these people are important to you and that they are justfriends - even men.

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If he is very jealous of his friends on the Internet, the decision to continue these friendships is yours, but remember that you don't have to stop having male friends because you are in a relationship. One suggestion to avoid jealous out bursts with your virtual friends is to avoid excessive exposure on social networks. For example, the less you comment on and enjoy your friends' photos, the less jealous they will (eventually) be. Another recommendation is to watch out for those who look like friends, but are actually present in their social networks to try to break up with you. Keep an eye out and don't let anyone get in the way of the relationship. We also suggest you share the virtual friendships you have with your partner, thisis the best way to avoid him/her becoming jealous. Once he gets to know the person, he will realize that it is simply a friendship and that it will make your life easier. With instagram, you can flirt virtually and your virtual love already starts with a virtual meeting and the rest follows.

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We also recommend that you avoid virtual flirting situations. As innocent asit may seem sometimes, in the eyes of others, it can look like betrayal. And even worse, flirting can turn in to this. So avoid it. Another tip is not to keeplooking for what you don't want to see. If you are too jealous, don't go to your partner's profile and look for reasons to bejealous and angry. Don't do this to yourself. Also try not to comment on the facts of your personal or relationship life on the Internet. Don't put your indirect profile on social networks. This kind of attitude can makesome situations even worse. To avoid problems, the general advice is to keep things clear with your partner. If both parties are aware of what the other thinks about friendships in the virtual environment, it is more likely that using social networks will not become a problem in the couple's life. Therefore, talk about it with your partner and don't let unresolved issues about virtual relationships slip through your fingers. Also be wary of the sometimes fake accounts of someone who is too young. The younger generation tends to surf the internet by putting someone else on their profile.
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