What foods to boost your libido?

Everyone has their own way of spicing up their sex life. A romantic dinner, a little languorous dance and more, but is it enough ? Some people use sex toys sold in stores to try to boost their libido, yet there are natural products without chemical derivatives such as fruits and spices that can be extremely effective. Sex is important in the life of a couple and helps to improve the relationship. Here are 10 foods that can help make your fantasies come true.

1. Watermelon

It is generally remembered as refreshing, especially in summer. But watermelon contains an ingredient that relaxes the blood vessels, with an effect similar to that of drugs such as "Viagra".

2. Pomegranate

Pomegranate juice significantly increases blood flow in the body due to its high antioxidant content, which has a positive effect in men with erectile dysfunction.

3. Nuts

Although these foods are not necessarily aphrodisiacs, they are rich in zinc. This mineralis linked to the elevation and maintenance of a good testosterone level in men. Increasing their intake can improve health in many ways, including sexual desire and libido.

4. Coffee

For women, caffeine consumption increases the desire to have sex. It is a stimulant that increases blood circulation, so having a cup of coffee can be a good tip for more pleasure.

5. Chocolate

It is not totally considered an aphrodisiac, but mainly in its bitter version, it releases dopamine. Known as a wellness hormone, it improves mood and generates a stronger desire to make love. Even if it is not a sure conclusion, it is at least a good excuse to eat more chocolate!

6. Clove

Cloveis a powerful aphrodisiac. In India in the past, they were added to teas and meals to treat lack of libido. In mice, cloves have been found to increase the desire to mate.

7. Ginseng

Women who took ginseng supplements showed a marked increase in libido. 68% of them said their sex life improved significantly. The easiest way to consume is to take ginseng tea.

8. Saffron

Like ginseng, saffron increases sexual desire while helping to improve performance. As a versatile spice, it can be included in many meals.

9. Banana

Bananas contain potassium and vitamin B, which provides the body with energy. It also increases the production of sex hormones, especially in men. This boosts desire and improves performance in bed.

10. Cola

The cola has very well known natural aphrodisiac virtues. It allows the man to have an important erection and to delay his ejaculation, which allows his partner to obtain a fantastic orgasm. Other foods such as oysters, ginger and certain seeds are also known for their aphrodisiac effects. In addition to helping you maintain good health, including these foods in daily recipes can increase feelings of well-being. Remember to take plenty of these foods during sexual activity. Coating the genitals with essential oils is also a good practice. The smell improves the atmosphere and the effects make the blood flow in quantity which gives off a strong energy.
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