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Let's face it, the vast majority of dating sites and dating applications have been heterocentric, with almost no room for homosexuals. Thus, if a personis gay, queer, trans sexual or bisexual, they may not find their place there. Fortunately, the world is more and more open-minded, because thanks to these 5 applications, even gays can find their greatest love.

Grindr, the best app for Homo

Grindr is unquestionably the most coveted gay application. Available on Android and iOS, this dating application has more than ten million members. In addition to being free Grindr, you will be able to register incognito. Therefore, it does not require any connection to Facebook or a Gmail account like Tinder. So you won't have to sign up with your name or use your photo. But it is also possible to give real information so that you can reassure the man you want to talk to. Available in several languages, this app will allow you to meet men from all over the world. Althoughthis site has already been the subject of controversy, it is now very much appreciated by the gay community. Like the vast majority of applications, you will be able to see users' profiles according to their geolocation and even refine your search to meet gay men nearby. You can launch the Chat at any time and chat with them. However, this app is more aimed at gay men who are looking for a gay meeting with no tomorrow. But it is also possible to find your true love.

Scruff, the happiness of gays

Scruff stars among the most popular gay dating apps. Its mode of operation is more or less similar to Grindr, but it is aimed at an older audience. If you want to meet mature gay men then this app will please you. This is how you will be able to refine your research by specifying the kind of man you want to meet. Just like Grindr, the vast majority of men who register on this gay app are looking for one-night stands. However, you will be able to find serious members thanks to the filters. These filters will allow you to describe the type of relationship you're looking for, so you can catch the right catch. Like Tinder, you won't need to like the person's profile, let alone have a match to unlock instant chats. That's how you'll be able to talk to anyone. Available on Google play, you'll be able to share as much information about yourself on scruff. You can also post your photos, post strong impactful messages, call the man who seduced you and talk to him non-stop.

Hornet, a helping hand for gays

Many users think that Hornetis an improved version of Grindr. The registration principleis more or less the same. You can register with a fake name and photos that are not supposed to represent you. Although it is also possible to fill in the information correctly. Also, you will find the profile of the men who are near your premises. Please note that this app also includes a large gay community, so if you prefer foreigners, it will be of great assistance to you. More than a simple dating application, Hornet wants to broaden its horizons and become a social network for gay men. Also, press and blog articles are published here to satisfy the needs of the curious. They are aimed not only at smartphone owners, but also at Android owners who can easily download it on Google play or on personalized dating sites. You can also install it on a computer, laptop or tablet. Compared to Grindr, this app will allow you to put more information and photos on your Hornet profile. That's why this application is more and more appreciated by young gays and bisexuals. Launchedin 2011, this app is growing rapidly and now has over 25 million users including transsexuals, lesbians and even pansexuals. Also, discussions are more formal and less direct than on Grindr. So you can either find a one-night stand or yourhalf, because the discussions are done with the utmost respect. No matter what you are looking for, whether it's a friendly relationship, pleasure or a serious relationship, don'tworry, because you can find it on Hornet. Finally, you don't need to unlock the chats to chat with whom ever you want.

Surge, a great network for gays

Unlike its predecessors, Surgeis not very popular with the LGBT community. However, several men have signed up. The advantage is that you can find quite divergent profiles, giving you the free will to choose who you want. Moreover, the app is not limited to one type of guy, but you can find tons of profiles, several styles and men of all ages. But you can also refine your query by targeting the age of the person and only targeting men who are nearby for a nice meeting. However, you need to put a like on the photos of the person you like so you can chat with him. Moreover, it must also be a match other wise the discussion will not be able to unblock. For larger subscribers, the application offers premium services. Thanks to these, you will be able to activate the private mode. This means that only the men you have pre-selected and only those you like willbe able to see your profile and status online. Thanks to the premium service, you will also be able to see the profiles that are constantly following you and are likely to be interested in you. In fact, you can leave five strong impacting messages to a profile that youliked a lot in order to seduceit. Finally, there are the stickers that will allow you to spice up your conversation.

Wapo, the ideal app for gays

The Wapo application has also conquered the heart of the gay and lesbian community. Like other gay apps, you don't need to match to chat with the profile you like. It works more like a chat, but with many more options. That's how you can see who's online and send them a message directly. If you already have the image of the ideal man, then the app will allow you to filter the profile that matches yourneeds. In this case, it will only display men who are likely to interest you. Also, by pressing the local option, you will find profiles that are close to you. But if you like foreigners thenWapo will allow you to chat with people from all over the world. This way you will be able to schedule appointments with the men who are there, and at the same time allow yourself some freedom when talking to foreigners. Moreover, no advertising video will intervene in your discussion. Finally, the push notification willallowyou to receive messages even when you are asleep or offline. This way you have the choice between betting on a one-night stand or forging a serious and long-lasting relationship.
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