Physically and morally : what are the qualities that appeal most to women?

For centuries, men have been trying to find out what characteristics appeal to women. At one time or another, they have all wondered about how to become the perfect man. It is true that each woman is unique, each has her own image of the ideal man. In any case, there are moral and physical qualities that almost everyone finds attractive in a man.

A fit and healthy body

Physical appearanceis the first thing a woman notices in a man. Thus, many of them bet on body building. To be massive would be a major asset of seduction; an assertion that is not always false. Women are not insensitive to the curved buttocks and calves of athletes. On the contrary, many are attracted to muscular men whom they consider more apt to protect them. In the same way, they prefer boys who are taller than them. Also, many negative comments are made about men who are tooth in. This corpulence is often associated with alcohol and drug use. Note, however, that wanting to become too muscular would be counter productive. Most women see this as an unhealthy obsession, and steroids don't like it either. Ultimately, beyond the muscular or scrawny appearance, women are looking for a physically healthy man. You'll immediately look more attractive to them if you show that you take care of your body. This is much more appealing than a man obsessed with his muscles. Many studies have shown that men who are too virile are not as attractive as they used to be. These ladies pay more attention to body balance. A man with a normal waist circumferenceis considered a healthy man. He is supposed to have better genes and to be better able to father healthy children.

A well-groomed look

The look is a major parameter to which women attach great importance. It is crucial information that allows them to see whether or not you care about yourself. So, to be an attractive man, you need to have a well-groomed look. You don't have to be on the look out for every trend. Just don't dress just any old fashioned way. One of the qualities of a sexy man is his ability to dress with decency and elegance. You will see that the women around you will start to smile at you. The most demonstrative will even go as far as to compliment you. If you really have no experience on the subject, do not hesitate to leaf through magazines. Beware, this is not about becoming someone else. Masks always end up falling off and that's never good. You need to find a style of clothing that is right for you, a style that makes you look good. In seduction, cleanliness is also very important. Say goodbye to neglect. Yellow teeth and jackal's breath make women run away. And you won't be able to seduce anyone with nails that are too brittle or too long. Men who are attractive to women know how to take care of their appearance. Also pay attention to your body language. Even if you look great and sweat the insecurity, you won't be attractive.

Respect and empathy

To seduce a woman, looks are not enough. Just like you, they know that the look will change over the years. They need more. A moral character essential to conquer a woman is related to ethics and respect. You must becareful how you treat those around you. Whether you're on a date or in the workplace, it's important to treat others with the minimum of respect they deserve. So don't fight over nothing, don't be selfish and avoid gratuitous insults. Women will judge you on your social comfort. From the way you treat others, they will infer how you will treat them once the years have passed. Being disrespectful will not help you. Generosity and empathy are also qualities to please women. They like their partner to pay attention to how they would like to celebrate Valentine's Day, what kind of future they would like for their couple, what kind of day they had, etc. They also like their partner to pay attention to how they would like to celebrate Valentine's Day. You must therefore learn to listen to the needs of others. Also develop your ability to compliment others. Women like to be flattered about their personality, theirwork, their style of dress, etc. Similarly, to seduce, a man must be attentive. You must show thatyou are there for yourfriends and family. She will then know that you will always be there for her.

The spirit

Spirit is one of the qualities of an attractive man that women like the most. This word sums up among other things your ability to make humour and your intellectual baggage. A woman immediately feels comfortable with a man who knows how to make her laugh. She enjoys his company and always asks for more. Humour, which is a sign of social intelligence, generates positive emotions in her. A man who wants to please must also be able to appreciate the jokes made by others, not betoo sensitive. That being said, your humor must be well calibrated. It must be expressed with finesse so as not to offen do thers. Learn to distinguish between jokes and sexism. Be aware that women abhor men who demean women. As far as intellectual status is concerned, women judge it by what you talk about, by your ability to talk about interesting things. Giving a relevant opinion on a topic that she likes makes you more attractive. They know they won't be bored in your company. Do you have an exciting life experience to tell ? You become a more interesting person for them. Curiosity is an undeniable quality that women look for in a man. So don't hesitate to read to develop your culture.


One last, but no less moral character that seduces a woman is self-confidence. You must be sure of yourself, show her that you are a solid person. This self-confidence is shown in many ways, but above all, by your determination and willingness. It is not only a question of showing her that you are capable of achieving what you want now. It's about proving to them that you are thinking about the future as well. This is a quality that women attribute to dominant men. An attractive man knows what he wants. You need to show him that you know where you're going in life. When a man has clear and mature goals, a woman can sense that. A sense of confidence invades her and makes her want to project herself into the future. Also, if you want to seduce a woman, be willing, be direct. You want to invite her for Valentine's Day? Don't beat around the bush a hundred times. Get to the point. She will then know that you know exactly what you are doing and she will like you more. The confidence you have in yourself is also reflected in your ability to take the first step. An attractive man is a man who is not afraid to take no for an answer. Never put yourself down in front of others. It's not about becoming narcissistic, it's about being confident enough to become someone a woman can count on.
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