How do you tell a woman that you like her?

You spend all your free time together, you love to be with her, or simply love entered your heart at an unexpected moment. You can’t find a good argument to share your emotions with her and ask her to go out with you. Be careful, you risk missing your chance. If you’re in the dark right now, don’t worry. Here are a few tips on how to turn a clumsy flirtation into a beautiful series of dates with your loved one.

Optimize your ego capital

Before seducing a girl with your words, you must have confidence. Avoid thinking about your flaws, they are harmful for the future. If you need a little help before you say something, don’t just rely on the thoughts that come to mind. Try asking your friends to tell you about all the qualities they like about you. This will help you remember how caring, considerate, funny and affectionate you are. This over view may give you the courage to face your love. If you don’twant to ge tyour loved ones involved, you can always create affirmations for yourself about significant events. Don’t forget to stay positive, the goal is to elevate yourself, not demolish yourself. Always see the best in yourself. But becareful not to fallin to hyper narcasm.

Personal growth allows an individual to face his fears and move forward. Strengthening your self-esteem does not always mean being arrogant, but being sure of your skills and values. By becoming aware of these aspects, you will be able to relax and take the plunge. And you won’t go halfway, but you won’t go overboard either. The ego presents yourc haracter, it gives well-established attributes of who you are. Instead of weakening it, imagine the positive consequences for you and the person you love. That way, you will be courageous, honest, and helpful.

Use text messaging

If you are attracted to a woman, tell her how you feel deep down inside. In the worst case, you stop wasting time and energy on this endeavor. And if you find it hard to express it, why not text her?

But beware, many women complain that men send nice words over the phone instead of calling. You should know that this is their reasoning: “If he really loved me, he would call me. So use this method sparingly. Instead, pass on a meeting place or gently start a process through this medium.

How can she be attracted to you if she doesn’t know you? Of course, she may like you, but she will prefer not to reveal her feelings to you if she is completely unaware of your personality. You must strive to establish a real connection  with her. This bond will be the occasion for you to reveal your best qualities to her. Use texting to establish a relationship that is more than friedly, but with subtlety. Ask her, for example, how washer day ? Take an interest in her joys and sorrows. And try to comfort her with compassionate messages. When you feel ready, but don’t want to go in front of her, poetically admit your attraction to her by text message, but don’t be exhaustive.

Prepare for the worst

Arrange to list all the contingencies tha could occur. Imagine the worst-case scenarios and come up with a parade for each one. For example, if you are considering hitting on a girl from your group of friends, the worst-case scenario would be that she refuses and then tells some of your mutual classmates about the situation. Tell yourself that you are not alone in this situation and that this misadventure has happened to many people. “It shows that you are human and that you have been bold and courageous. ”You shouldn’t be ashamed of this likeli hood. On the contrary, it will give you a solid base to prepare for your next attempt. According to experts, experience is the key to success. So don’t be afraid of rejection and form a shell around your possible failure.

Moreover, if the answeris positive you will only be the happiest person in the world. You will be able to enjoy every moment you spend with her. If you have defined all the obstacles at least 90% of them, nothing can stop you and you can serenely declare your flame. However, the unexpected will always be there, but with your preparation you will be more at ease.

Be bold and courageous

It’s not easy to express how you feel about someone you love. First of all, it takes a lot of courage. Second, there is no guarantee that she will return the favour. Admirers generally refrain from telling the woman they love how they feel. They fear rejection and mockery from the woman they love.

But what people don’t see is that rejection is actually a good thing. It allows you to move on with someone you love and opens the door to others.

So despite all your preparation, you may still find it hard to declare what you feel in your heart. Know that this is completely normal. But it should also be noted that you must take your courage in both hands and face his gaze to seduce a woman. Don’t feel guilty about yours tuttering. Be proud of yourself. Don’t look for topics of conversation that will take you off target.

Be understandable in what you say

If you have taken your courage in both hands and then she doesn’t understand what you are saying, rest assured, the task will prove even more difficult. So make sure that what you say cannot be misinterpreted. This means being very direct about how you feel and using scary words like “date” and “relationship”, for example when you are going to send a text message.

When you are in front of her, look her straight in the eye and justsay “I want to go out with you”. Then you can start arguing. Anyone who has been through this experience will tell youth at this is the best attitude for the occasion.

However, you can soften the way you express it by saying, for example, “I’m going to tell you something that may come as a surprise to you, but there is absolutely no obligation for you to say a word. I just want to express my feelings. By engaging in a conversation in this way, you let the person you are talking to know that you are also thinking about their feelings and that you have no expectations about how they should react.

With all this information and tips, it is obvious that you will increase your chances of seducing a woman. And remember : aflirting technique can be learned and rejection should not be a hindrance.

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