Intimate hair removal for men : what means are available?

For men, hair removal is a rather delicate subject, because as you know very well, men are not used to intimate conversations. Studies conducted by a journalist for the magazine "Men's Health" on the subject have shown that less than half of the men surveyed said they wax their lower body. Yet hair removal is as important for aesthetics as it is for well-being. See this article for some tips on how to keep your body clean and well-groomed.

Intimate waxing, how does it work?

Intimate bikini waxing is not just for women. Body care is more about health and well-being than about gender identity. Hair removal is therefore a practice not to be taken lightly, because the slightest mistake can be dangerous. First, start by assessing your body by considering which part of your body is most comfortable for you between a shaved or hairy private area. The skin at the level of your pubis is in fact fine and very sensitive so avoid using irritating devices or products that will make your intimate part suffer. Intimated epilation must bedone by taking the maximum of precaution in order to avoid consequences which can be unpleasant. Choose what suits you best among the different hair removal techniques and methods that exist. Find out about the products you are going to use, and check the length and thickness of hair that your razor can handle. Also check whether the depilatory cream you've purchased is suitable for your skin, and whether the depilatory wax you've chosen is the right one for you and your skin. If you go to a beauty salon that specializes in hair removal, pay attention to the different methods they offer and the advantages they have to offer you, as if the hair removal is indeed permanent in the case of laser or pulsed light hair removal.

Razor hair removal, simple and effective

The razoris one of the simplest ways to perform full bikini waxing for men. It's the most widely used tool for keeping private parts clean and clear. But sometimes the razor can be a dangerous tool if you don't use it properly. First of all, beaware that shaving doesn't give you a definitive result. It requires careful practice to avoid cutting yourself, especially in the testicles, where the skin is very thin and fragile. It also requires frequent maintenance, more precisely, each time hair grows back, to ensure that you always have a clean shave. Make sure that your hair is not too thick or too long for your razor and that the blades are not too worn out to avoid pulling out instead of shaving. Don't hesitate to use a pair of scissors to trim your pubic area before shaving. This will allow you to distinguish the shaved parts from the unshaved parts to ensure a perfectly clean and clear result. For the hairs at the level of your buttocks, it is advised to proceed in the sameway, to pass a blow of mower or scissors for mostskillfulwith the aim of clearing the zone before shaving and be very careful when you arrive in the perianal zone. In fact, this part of your body is very susceptible to infection, as it is made up of mucous membranes, so any cut could easily get worse. And as with the beard, you can use depilatory foams or creams for a smooth, easy shave. In summary, shaving is a simple and effective method, but requires a lot of attention and agility, so be very careful when holding a blade in your hands.

Is waxing ideal?

Waxing is painful, but it is very effective and promises a longer-lasting result than shaving. With this method, you won't just shorten the hair, but actually pull it out. Nevertheless, there are a few rules to follow for a satisfying result that is worth a little pain. Be aware that there are two types of waxes, cold waxes and hot waxes. Cold waxes are often squeezed in the form of gel or strips ready to use. Before applying them to the area to be waxed, warm them in your hand so as not to pull the hair out too abruptly. This method is quite painful and should be avoided if you have sensitive skin. Hot waxes are packaged in small boxes that are heated in a microwave before use. Hot waxes are softer, because with the heat, the pores on your skin will open and the hairs will pull out more gently and easily. The result won't be definitive either, but at least you won't proceed to the next session until after three or four weeks, whichis not at all bad. Be careful, do not apply wax to the mucous membranes, as these parts are not resistant to pain.

Learn more about hair removal at the institute and its advantages

Hair removal in an institute is the most ideal, because there you will be in the hands of professionals who know all the secrets of intimate hair removal. These establishments have all the necessary equipment to take care of you according to your requirements and the condition of your skin. Nevertheless, be sure to ask about the beauty salon you choose, because there are still establishments that do not allow men. There, all types of hair removal such as under arm, torso, leg, and pubic area hair removal will be offered to you. Practiced by experts, the result could last up to four weeks, and may even be permanent with laser or pulsed light hair removal. Moreover, laser hair removal is a little misunderstood. Certainly, the result of hair removal will be permanent, but don't think about saying goodbye to your hair after the first treatment. First of all, laser hair removal consists of destroying the hair bulb by concentrating the light that will be transformed into heat on the root of the hair, which will lead to its destruction. But even if the treated areas appear to be well depilated, the resting bulbs that have not been destroyed by the laser can grow and give rise to new hair. These new regrowths will appear after a few weeks, but the density of the hair will be less than before. Therefore, plan a hair removal session as the new hair appears until it is as inconspicuous as possible.

A few details to note

The choice of methodsis important when performing full bikini waxing to ensure a good result while taking care of your skin. But aside from the tools at your disposal, the choice of depilatory products and creams is also important for a gentle session and a comfortable result. Remember to use high-quality, reputable shaving creams and foams, being careful not to contain elements that you are allergic to or that your skin can'ttolerate. Choose products that have a low enough alcohol content so as not to irritate your skin. Also note that you can make your own depilatory wax easily at home with only sugar and water if you're afraid of operating with certain chemicals found in many depilatory creams and shaving foams.
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