How to take care of your tattoos in the short and long term?

At the exit of the tattoo parlor, the lines of the figures appear shiny. The colors appear bright. During the healing process, even if you feel itching, it is strongly recommended not to scratch the wounds. After several years, the lines and colors may fade. What can you do to take care of your tattoos?

Precautions to betaken to keep the tattoos intact

In order to have a flawless tattoo, a few steps remain essential before the tattoo session. Do not drink alcohol before the day you want to get the tattoo. Drugs and alcohol cause blood vessels to dilate. Therefore, bleeding could cause damage during inking. This also has an effect on the healing of the tattoo. If you feel uncomfortable before the operation, take a painkiller, but avoid aspirin. It has the same effect as drugs. Ask your tattooist for advice on what you should and shouldn't eat before and after the operation. For hairy people, shaving the skin seems necessary to eliminate all the factors that interfere with inking. Anaesthesia is not necessarily necessary. If necessary, consult your tattooist's advice. To accelerate the healing of the tattoo, the cleaning is done with an antiseptic. Normally, tattoo artists perform this step right after the operation. They also apply a cream before finishing with a bandage. To take care of the tattoo, before going to sleep, renewing the bandage seems practical, especially if the tattoo is trecommendsit. It depends on the state of health of each person and on the skin's properties. Most of the time, healing in the open air isrecommended to avoid friction. If necessary, only loose cottonclothingisallowed. Avoid polyester clothing and tights on tattooed areas. During the healing period, tanning, sunbathing, swimming pool, etc., are on the list of prohibited things, as the sun will damage your new tattoos.

The essential care to keep a good tattoo

Don't worry, you won't be deprived of your favourite activities throughout your life. Healing creams are available on the market to keep your tattoos intact against sun exposure. To care for tattoos, gently remove the bandage with disinfected hands. Normally, one dayafter the operation, it can be removed from the tattooed area. Follow your tattooist's instructions. The care to b eapplied to the tattoo will vary according to the state of healing. Perform the treatments two to three times daily. Wash the tattooed area regularly with neutral pH soap. Rinsing with water follows this step. Rubbing the tattoos is not allowed. Lightly pat your skin with a clean towel. Healing creams help healing and protect the tattoos from ultraviolet rays. A very thin layer followed by a gentle massage allows the cream to penetrate your skin. Be careful, the use of sun creams requires the advice of an expert in the field. Some creams provoke skin reactions and have undesirable effects on tattoos. Other products cause stains on clothing. Before applying a cream, ask your tattooist for advice. To make things easy, the use of coco nut oil seems reasonable. Its effectiveness is proven and it contains no substrates, preserv atives or dyes.

How to avoid the degradation of tattoos?

To avoid damaging your tattoos, avoid scratching the tattooed area. If thin skin flakes appearduring the healing process, allow them to dry slowly. They will fall off by tapping lightly on the area after a few days of training. Scratching deteriorates tattoos and causes infections. Don't forget your appointment with your tattooist after two weeks. He will do the touch-ups if necessary. To guarantee the beauty of the art printed on your skin, consult the tattooist after the healing process. To keep the color of the images, wash and moisturize the tattoos regularly. During the 15 days following the operation, you must wash your hands to avoid infections. They modify the lines of your tattoos and affect its quality. Be very careful with the bandage. The use of a plastic bag is sometimes necessary to remove dust and dirt. Often the first aid of a tattoo is frightening. Handle gently to remove ink residue. The use of a neutral soap is still necessary and rinse your tattoos with warm water at low pressure. You should do this two to three times a day. A new tattoo should not be exposed to the sun. UV rays degrade colors and modify tattoos.

How to take care of your tattoos in the long term?

After healing, continue to take care of your tattoos. This helps to keep the beauty of your tattooed body. The hydration of the skin must be done regularly. Even after several years, the condition of your tattoo will not change if you follow this rule. The use of a cream helps to maintain and preserve the shades of the tattoos. On the Internet, many sales sites offer a wide range of products. Exposure to the sun alters the colors and condition of tattoos. Remember to use sunscreen to keep your tattoo intact. It also helps to give it back its shine. As far as cosmetic products for tattoos are concerned, many tips are available on the web. You can also consult your tattooist's advice before using a skin product. You should study with an expert the choice of a protective cream, especially if you are allergic to preservatives. If you follow a professional's prescription, your tattoos will keep their shine and colors for decades. Be careful if you want to get a tattoo during pregnancy on your belly. It increases in volume very quickly and the shapes of your tattoos change considerably. The use of a nourishing balm becomes necessary. This way the skin keeps its suppleness and elasticity to preserve the tattoos.

Some techniques to adopt to keep the beauty of your tattoos

Aging of the skin leads to the deformation of tattoos. To avoid these problems, study carefully the choice of the area to be tattooed. Select the part of the body that does not change shape quickly, such as the shoulder blade, for example. If possible, avoid tattooing the belly. Throughout life, its volume varies according to eating habits and physiological condition. Areas that are frequently rubbed, such as the apple of the hand, are not recommended. Tattoos will fade quickly and you will be forced to recondition their condition. The right choice of tattoo artistis one of the essential elements for a flawless tattoo. It gives you a quality design. Professional scarefully accompany their clients before and during the tattoo day. They also advise the treatments to be done so that the wounds heal quickly. This preserves the inked patterns on the skin. Do not hesitate to ask for an estimate before performing the operation. The tattooist may prescribe you a special diet before and after the operation to carry out his work. This also helps to ensure the beauty of the tattoo.
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