Hiring a love coach: at what point in your relationship?

Also known as a "couple coach", a love coach helps couples to overcome the difficulties that may arise in their relationship. It can be a new situation that is threatening the couple's love life, such as the arrival of a baby for example. It can also be past problems such as infidelity that one of the partners cannot overcome. The problem may simply stem from the routine that sets in over the course of the relationship. The missions of a love coach are very numerous. Its only goal is to help couples start off on a good footing. If your couple therefore has any worries or problems, he or she will accompany you over a certain number of sessions and for a determined period of time. The couple coach can interfere on daily tensions that arise : sexuality, feelings, jealousy, infidelity, arguments and can intervene on subjects that affect the couple's life.

What are the main missions of a love coach?

Generally, the role of a love coach is to intervene in a love relationship in order to find a solution. In principle, the missions of a coach for a couple are really extensive. Moreover, he must clarify it and help to identify the major problems in a situation. Then, he gives you advice, leads, ideas, and set up an action in agreement with the couple. During a therapy session, practical exercises and role-playing can be proposed by the coach so that each person can better understand their needs, their partner and their expectations. In addition, the objective of the love coach is to reinforce the couple's dynamism and to re-establish positive communication between the spouses or lovers. To do this, he can, for example, organize special moments so that you and your partner can establish better communication. If you want to confess secrets, know that this is well kept because all exchanges with the coach remain confidential. You will be able to trust them completely. Never take sides with any of the coached partners. If you like to do a session on your own, the love coach should not inform your partner, or any one else, of what is said during the consultation. In addition to solving the couple's problems, love coaches give the key to success to move forward together and in new joint projects.

Why use love coaching?

Calling a love coach allows you to get rid of the habits in which the couple tends to get stuck. In general, it helps couples to get out of their beliefs, about their partner, about themselves, but also offers solutions on the relationship between man and woman of the couple in order to bringthem a new light. The couple coach calms the tensions that may arise between couples. It is in his nature to bring a benevolent look on his clients and to renew the conversation. Your couple can choose to meet a love coach at anyage, and at any time in your history. He can provide the ultimate solution for your relationship and your love life. In fact, if you are a newly formed couple, it is advisable to consult a love coach in order to avoid making the same mistakes you made in your previous relationships. Temporary crises seem to disappear into oblivion if you and your partner have recourse to a love coach. Using a love coach is essential to re-establish communication, rekindle the flame of family life and better reconcile life as a couple. They give you hope to regain the pleasure of being together or regain sexual harmony.

Tips and pitfalls to avoid when choosing a good coach

If you and your partner decide to consult a love coach together, it is imperative that you both like him. In case the power doesn't flow, don't ignore it just because you want to avoid a problem with your partner. It is advisable not to expect that the consultations with the coach will profoundly change the behavior of your partner and your relationship. The most important thing is to re-establish communication and dialogue between the two of you and this is also the real goals of love coach. Perhaps he can guarantee to help you, but don't expect him to provide a ready-made solution. Only, their job is not to carry you, but to accompany you in awkward situations. The coach knows how to find the elements that cause conflict between you and your partner in order to turn the page and find the right path. However, an official status of love coach does not exist in France. If you wish to check the seriousness of your interlocutor, it is better to ask him directly if he is affiliated to an association. Also ask if he or she has a SIRET number. Don't forget to take advantage of his experience, his training, and his professional methods.

How does a coaching in love take place?

A love coaching can be done alone or accompanied by your partner. If your partner is booked, you can meet him/her alone. It is also possible to alternate individual and couple sessions, keeping the balance for both of you.   One partner should not consult the coach more than the other. You will be able to see him in his coaching office but he can also come and do the session at your home. Many love coaches offer love coaching over the phone or Skype. A face-to-face email exchange can beused to set up an appointment and ask for more information. During a first appointment, the love coach determines the general state of your couple. He or she then reviews the disagreements, dissatisfactions and disappointments of both of you. In this case, everyone must become aware of their mistakes and needs in order to play down the situation. Afterwards, the couple can take a step back to better move forward, but especially to express their feelings. At the end, the coach proposes a roadmap for the continuation of the session for other times. Different methods can be used, such as role-playing during the sessions, practical exercises to bedone on a daily basis, verbal exchanges or a staging of moments together (an outing, a dinner, an activity, a walk, ...).

Whyopt for a couple coach, but not a psychologist?

Opting for a love coaching is rather better than a psychologist to help resolve conflicts in your relationships. The reason is that the love coach is interested in determining by putting intowork the love project of the coached couple. In principle, heworks on the "how", but a psychologist focuses on the "why". The love coach accompanies clients who want a transformation and who are interested in moving forward and not in therapy. He opens the mind and consciousness of each person through his skills as a love coach.
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