Does DIY have an impact on life expectancy?

Do-it-yourself, engaging in manual projects and doing small and large jobs would improve the quality of ourlives. Many scientific studies carried out in Italy and abroad, especially in Sweden, have demonstrated this. Working at home, cutting, gardening or restoring furniture would increase life expectancy by 30%. Swedish research shows that the DIY sample has a lower risk of stroke or heart attack.

The benefits of DIY

Repairing furniture for yourself and others can be a useful and profitable hobby. Not only can you save and earn money by restoring old furniture, but you can also develop and unleash your creativity. Engaging in small projects such as tending the vegetable garden, knitting or painting engages the mind by pushing away negative thoughts, anxieties and daily worries. In addition, these activities produce endorphins and serotonin, the hormones of pleasure and good mood. Dedicating oneself to something relaxing and enjoyable has beneficial effects on the body and mind. As mentioned, there is also an economic benefit to these activities. Repairing and recycling objects with the small expense of good tools (perhaps for rent), brings savings and economic well-being to the home.

Gardening, a passion that does you good

Garden therapy is occupational therapy which consists of engaging a person in activities of gardening (garden therapy), horticulture, plant care, in order to achieve therapeutic results. The benefits of garden care are reflected in the quality of life. Taking care of a garden with consistency and dedication helps to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and irritability. This is according to Swedish research that has studied the beneficial properties of therapy on people suffering from mental problems or disorders. Cultivation allows you to synchronize with nature, making the cycles of plants give meaning to time and seasons. The expectation that nature's times demand helps develop patience and consistency. Finally, sowing, pruning and tending the soil encourages motor activity and therefore helps to keep in shape. The cardiovascular benefits are remarkable and not only is it a useful rehabilitation method in many cases, especially for the elderly, the handicapped and Alzheimer's patients. Do you want to do gardening but don't have the necessary space? Don't worry, you can also do it on your balcony, but becareful to protect them from the cold! In several cities, there are also many municipal initiatives for residents of different neighborhoods that allow you to take advantage of open spaces for cultivation and maintenance of a green space. The idea of being able to self-produce vegetables, fruits, but also herbs, is a great stimulant for the brain. Working in the garden, therefore, is a physical fatigue that alternates with the relationship with other people and with comparison relieving mental stress and helping to regain psychological balance.

Do-it-yourself saves lives

Learning how to manage emotions and tensions saves lives. How can you do it ? Through hobbies and crafts. Do it yourself", in fact, increases concentration and, at the same time, gives a feeling of deep and lasting relaxation that is also reflected on the physical level. Less pain and more relaxation in the shoulder and neck area. According to experts, DIY has the same benefits as a meditation or yoga session : greater awareness of one's body, higher self-esteem, increased concentration and lower stress levels. Doctors and experts have no doubt. To keep your brain in shape, especially at a certain age, you need to keep it working all the time. Effects of this type can be achieved through DIY, especially for activities that require a certain amount of mental as well as physical effort. Several studies, including one conducted as part of the Mayo Clinic's Aging Study, have confirmed that hobbies such as knitting or doing odd jobs around the house can slow cognitive decline in oldage.

Find time for yourself!

Swedish studies have shown that it is often a lack of time that limits the use of activities such as crafts or gardening. The hectic pace of work and family demands take away valuable time from enjoyable activities. Spending time on what's good for you may seem like a waste of time, but it's not. Stress is a major factor that increases your risk of stroke, heart attack or seriousillness. It is therefore strongly recommended that you try your hand at tending a vegetable garden, which seems to be one of the most complete and beneficial activities for those suffering from the pressures of daily life. Recent Swiss studies have indeed observed that orthotherapy is also extremely effective in the treatment of pain, alleviating the suffering caused by serious illnesses. In this particular case, the Swiss study focused on a group of 79 patients in a clinic where musculo skeletal diseases were treated. After 4 weeks, their physical and cognitive state had improved.

Gaining laziness, doing crafts

There is no age limit to start doing DIY or growing a small vegetable garden. The positive effects on a person's life are so far-reaching that even lazy people should consider them. A better quality of life certainly deserves a little effort and a few euros spent on renting the tools of the trade.
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