10 tips to promote the healing of a tattoo

Whether it's a dragon or a rose, an ornament or characters - a freshly engraved tattoo is like an open pasture. Therefore, first of all, open areas must be prevented from becoming inflamed. Once this has been done, regular follow-up reduces the risk of scarring and loss of colorduring the healing process. This means that with good care, not only does the wound heal quickly, but also your tattoo looks really beautiful on the skin and the color pigments under the skin shine for a long time. Indeed, how do you take care of new tattoo? That is the question. For this, there are some tips that can help to take care of the new tattoo:

 Be careful, no aluminum foil on the tattoo and cremones

Because the wound gets wet after the tattoo, some people put cling film on it. But this should not be done for a long time, because a wet area of the wound immediately forms under the film. Wound fluid cannot evaporate and accumulates - a potential source of germs. Dermatologists recommend a dry, sterile, air-permeable dressing and a thin layer of wound cream. This is the fastest way for skin to recover from a tattoo. The cremones Thick scabs on the tattoo can leave nasty scars. Bursting wounds lead to loss of color or even the formation of pustules. Thinly applied wound creams with dexpanthenol (e.g. "Bepanthen") or special tattoo ointments such as Tattoo med ensure uniform regeneration of the skin. It is better to apply a little cream more often than a lot of ointment:toothick layers of ointment cause the skin to swell and can cause the tattoo to run.

New tattoos and water are not compatible

A hot bath and long shower sessions are currently taboo, as this could soften the skin too much and lead to a loss of color when tattooing. Of course, you don't need to walk around smelly, a short, moderately hot shower, where you leave the tattooed area, is of course perfectly acceptable. To be sure, cover the tattoo with a waterproof blanket while you take your shower. To avoid wound infections, you should not go swimming for the first time after the tattoo - neither in public baths nor in the lake or the sea. Aggressive chlorine or salt water are also not good for color pigments. It is therefore best to make an appointment at the tattoo studio after your summer vacation at the beach.

Clean tattoo and no sports, please

To clean the tattooed skin area, use soaps or shower gels with neutral PH and unscented. The fewer chemicals there are, the more tolerated the tattoo and soap. Instead of applying foam as usual, dab your tattoo to clean it thoroughly - never rub it! The same goes for drying! It is better to wipe by dabbing rather than rubbing. No sports, please! Hygieneis the most important thing for the healing process. Perspiration is therefore forbidden because of the bacteria, as is sport of any kind. Even strenuous cleaning, in short, any activity that causes sweating, must be rested first. Of course, this also applies to the sauna visit and the choice of clothing:tight-fittingclothes or clothes made of synthetic fibres promote perspiration and should not be worn after a tattoo. The most sought-after model, Cara Delevingne, chose a rather unusual place for her first tattoo : shehad a lion's headpinned on her index finger.

No sun bathing after the tattoo and wearing loose clothing

Sunlight - or rather UV rays - whitens not only your clothes, but also the color of your fresh tattoo. It gets really bad if you over do it and get a sunburn : Here the skin and your beautiful new tattoo come off at the same time, so that only a remnant remains under the skin. After the tattoo, itis best not to expose yourself to the sun at all or only for a short period of time and cover the fresh tattoo with a little extra fabric if possible. Wear loose clothing Stay away from tight body suits and jeans. As long as your tattoo heals, don't let any textile irritate the sensitive area and don't let lint cause inflammation. On the one hand, tight clothing promotes a moist skin climate, on the other hand, it rubs quickly on your tattoo and slows down the healing process. In the days following the tattoo, itis best to wear loose clothing made of breathable and absorbent materials such as cotton.

The tattoo is stuck on and the vitamin C helps the healing process

Despite all precautions, it may happen that the new tattoo has slightly wet and dried on the T-shirt or otherpieces of clothing. Often, this happens during the night, while you sleep. Now, under no circumstances should you tear off the fabric! Instead, soak the fabric in a little warm water and carefully remove the skin from the fabric. Immediately afterwards, carefully dab the tattoo and apply a thin layer of disinfectant and moisturizing cream. Vitamin C helpshealing Vitamin C deficiency has a positive effect on wound healing. Therefore, make sure you have enough fresh fruits and vegetables on the table in the period following the tattoo and make sure you eat a healthy diet, especially in the weeks following the tattoo.
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