Which model of parka to choose?

Very appreciated for its casual style, for its comfort and for its practicality, the parka is the essential garment in your ward robe this season. Adaptable to a sports wear look as well as to a working outfit, this coat will remain the star of the winter for a long time. Since the items offered on the market come in different models and materials, the choice of a Men's Hype Parka can be complicated. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect accessory.

Choose your parka according to the material

In order to wear your Men's Hype Parka with elegance, the first rule to consider when buying is certainly the season you are going to wear the coat. The ideal is to opt for a jacket that is resistant outside and warm inside. However, a single garmen trarely offers these two qualities at the same time. To choose a parka, think about choosing a fabric that is both resistant and waterproof like micro tech or soft shell. At the very least, the coat should be water-repellent so as not to get wet in case of rain. In fact, before being a winter accessory, this type of jacket is mainly used to protect against rain. Inside, winter parka models should be lined with a quilting or with a light fleece that warms up. Some items may combine these two types of lining. While both provide all the comfort and warmth you will need, the difference lies in the weight of the lining. The heavieritis, the warmer the jacket will keep you warm. So remember to compare this point when selecting the model.

What are the details to consider?

Even if the material used to make a Men's Hype Parka is essential, it is not everything. Indeed, it is better to pay attention to the finishes and otherdetails of the jacket to ensure better insulation. So that the coat doesn't let air in, choose a model with a double fastening, i.e. a first zip that will be covered with a snap or velcro closure. Also remember to check the finish of the sleeves. Ideally, they should be adjustable at the bottom or lined with an inner cuff that allows you to tighten the sides. If the jacket is more used outdoors, turn to a parka that can be tightened at the waist and that can also be adjusted at the bottom. There's nothing better to effectively block the wind and cold than this jacket. Concerning the hood, the choice depends on the places you go. In the city and indoors, it may be necessary but it is not essential. If you must regularly wear your parka with distinguished clothes (suit, suit...), it is preferable to opt for a jacket without hood and less sport but which can adapt to all outfits. You can however choose a jacket with a removable hood that can be removed if necessary. For outdoor activities, the hoodis essential. Of course, it must belined and airtight, but above all it must be adjustable with a cord. In order to make a successful purchase, remember to read the labels. An easy-care parka must be machine washable. If you have to take the coat to the dry cleaners to clean it, it may cost you a lot of money in the long run.

How to choose the right length and color?

Once you'vefound the model thatsuitsyourneeds, it's time to talk about the shape of the HypeMen's Parka. If youneed a sport jacket, for example for skiing, itis crucial to choose a model thatguaranteesease and freedom of movement. So turn to a short parka (below the hips). Of course, your size should always be taken into account. Are you less than 1m70 tall?Opt for short and curved models to avoid compressing your silhouette. For those who have a large body, it would be better to choose a parka with a straight cut and a sober color. Jackets that are toothick or have large pockets should be avoided since they also make the appearance heavier. When it comes to color, the must-have items remain the same from year to year. For a trendy look, opt for khaki. Khaki is the emblematic color of parkas because it matches classic tones like gray, white, black and burgundy. For a more classy style, black, beige, taupe or navy blue will be perfect. Timeless, these  tones can also refine your silhouette. To wear a sport parka, red or two-tonemodels are preferable.
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