The coolest retro sneakers to have in your closet

Everything that was plugged in is back on time - whether you like it or not. Think about belly button shirts (which we call crop-tops these days), dad's sneakers and flared jeans. This year it's retro sneakers that are making a comeback. The old models from twenty years ago will be reintroduced in new color combinations to meet current trends. Step into the time machine and let yourself be transported back to the 70s, 80s and 90s! The coolest sneakers are old. Older than your father. The classic silhouettes, derived from the world of sports and found in leisure wear, haven't changed for years. Think of white Adidas tennis sneakers, simple canvas sneakers or colorful runners. These retro sneakers have stood the test of time and are here to last for years. For women and men alike!

Canvas sneakers

In the distant past, sports shoes (also called sneakers) were only intended for sports. It really doesn't matter whether you wear these sneakers at work, in the evening or during the day. A true classic sneaker is the canvas sneaker, in our opinion a model that certainly belongs to the row of retro and vintage sneakers. The characteristic feature of a pair of retro canvas sneakers is the soft and fabric upper, the white rubber nose and the round marking (e.g. a logo). Today, canvas sneakers are still very popular and look almost the same as they did 100 years ago. The true classics can be found at Converse, but Vans also has several iconic models in its collection.

Colourful retro sneakers

Indispensable in this row of vintage sneakers are the retro sneakers with striking color combinations. White withred and blue is of course a classic combination, but it goes further than that. In fact, all colors can be combined with each other, like green with yellow, blue with orange and pink with purple. These retro sneakers are characterized by the use of suede, leather and fabric called "parachute". Sporty stripes complement these lightweight retro runners. New Balance and FILA have an absolutely retro look. The models are tastyold-fashioned, but also completely modern, and the color combinations are special and striking. What we see with the men's sneakers, we actually see with the women's sneakers. Many models can be worn unisex. These FILA and New Balance women's sneakers, for example, have striking colors and color combinations and models that remind us of the old days. Today, they are styled with everything. The more colors clash and the more contradictory they are, the better!

Minimalist tennis sneakers

The Adidas best seller has its roots on the tennis court. In 1965, the famous Stan Smith basketball came out and was named after a famous tennis player of the time. Characteristic details, such as the three stripes and the striking green heel piece, were there from the very beginning. A few years ago, the Adidas Stan Smith sneaker became popular again and several new color combinations were added. Stan Smith's shoes are available in the Adidas men's shoe collection as well as the Adidas women's collection. Tennis didn't just bring us this sneaker. The white sneaker itself has become a real must for ladies and gentlemen, young and old, tall and short. Almost all brands have a white sneaker in their collection, but the real retro models that we see mostly at FILA, Reebok, and Adidas. A true classicis the Reebok Club C85 sneaker. The slightly yellowed leather and the non-muscular white rubber sole give an extra retro and vintage touch. They really fit every where underneath, which makes them a good buy anyway. They are available for both men and women!

Vintage sneakers

Vintage sneakers are just a little different from retro sneakers. Vintage sneakers look "old" and sometimes even a little worn. This is because the leather used in vintage sneakers is not white. The rubber sole, another emblematic feature of vintage sneakers, is not white either. It looks like you've already walked outside with it several times. The number 1 shoe brand in vintage sneakers is Diadora Heritage. This cool Italian brand offers an extensive collection of old skool sneakers for men and women, in low and high versions. Reebok and Adidas are also experimenting with the vintage look of Old skool. The great advantage of all these classic retro sneakers is that they fit almost every outfit, year after year. A perfect investment and a complement to your wardrobe! Do you opt for a simple white version or a brightly colored sneaker?
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