How to take care of your clothes?

It is useless to spend a lot of money to buy new clothes if you can’t take care of them. Often, no matter how much you spend on clothing, if it is not well cared for, its final appearance will leave a lot to be desired. So here are a few tips on how to take care of your clothes so that they always look new.

How to take care of your clothes?

To take care of your clothes, it is necessary that you :

Never keep in the closet clothes that have already been used and that have been in direct contact with your skin, even if they don’t look dirty. Grease from our skin, residues of cosmetics and perfumes as well as dust penetrate deeper and deeper into the fibers of the clothes. This makes the washing process more difficult. To remove the residues embedded in the fibers, you are forced to use more aggressive products that cause wear and tear on the garment and often permanent stains.

To take care of a garment, before starting to wash it, it is essential to check the label on the garment to see the washing instructions.

If you need to use bleach to care for the garment, use only cold water and leave the garment to soak for a maximum of 1 hour.

When washing shirts, unbutton the buttons, lift the collar and always remove the fins first.

Do not overload your washing machine, as the clothes will not be washed properly. In addition, the fabrics will be very wrinkled, making ironing difficult.

Othertips for caring for clothes

If the garment has a very intense color, it is advisable to wash it the first time, separately from the others, to see if the fabric releases the ink.

If dry cleaning is recommended, take the piece to the laundry. Dry cleaning is a water less cleaning process in which the garments are treated with solvents and special machines. The advantage of this process is that there is no risk of deformation or shrinkage of the part. The disadvantage is the price, however, if you decide to wash with water a garment that has been recommended for dry cleaning, the damage will be much greater!  Think about it!

In the case of a set (skirt or pants and blazer, for example), always wash both pieces together to avoid that they take different shades.

Always wash the pieces inside out to avoid the formation of small balls in the fabrics by rubbing with others of different structure.

Drying in direct sunlight tends to discolor the garments, soalways dry in the shade and in a ventilated area.

Always dry-clean your tailored garments, especially those that are lined and/or interlining, to prevent warping.

To care for your clothes: use a neutral soap to wash delicate fabrics.

To take care of your clothes : be careful when adopting a child

High temperatures are always harmful to the tissue. Whenever possible and depending on the fabric the piece is made of, keep it on hangers until the moment of its passage to prevent them from loving each other too much.

Separate garments according to the label instructions and start ironing garments that require a lower temperature.

Fabrics such as microfibers, silk and synthetics can have a shiny appearance if they are ironed at too high a temperature and without protection. Follow the temperature recommendation on your iron and use a cotton cloth between the iron and the garment to protect the fabric.

Moisten thicker, crumpled pieces of fabric to make the process easier.

Remove any residue adhering to the iron with a damp cloth before it cools. If you don’t, the next time you use the iron, the heat may release the residue and stick to your clothes. But becareful not to burn yourself.

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